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Maria series; Omari To Bewitch Victor!

Victor & Sophia had visited Victor just the other day in the latest episodes, Sophia had gone to ask for her share since he involved in Sofia changing the property to his name, we've seen Victor acting rudely to Sophia & Omari, remember Sophia has been rude & merciless all along,this is ever since he took wealth at his hands,Victor has been working towards making sure that all the wealth is in his hands & he can't share with anyone.

Omar was so hungry with Victor when he chased them away,Sophia was so furious & wanted Omar to act immediately instead,in the latest episode, Omar has told her to relax first, this an indication that Omar knows what he's up to.

Omar is a greatest witch,all the Hausa family fears him & knows who he is,Omar is the one who taught Kanini witchcraft & we've seen her doing it since the episode began,Omar will bewitch Victor so that he recognizes him as his father since Victor's ego is too much,he's so disrespectful.

Stay tuned to continoue getting more updates on this.

Content created and supplied by: @Naliakamather (via Opera News )

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