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Lulu Hassan's Emotional Post As Maria Series On Citizen TV Comes To An End

Ms Hassan who is the CEO of Jiffy Pictures, the production house behind Maria, thanked fans for the support they have accorded the TV Drama-Maria since its inception to the season finale.

Lulu Hassan wrote on Instagram 18 March 2021 and a video of the final episode of Maria show.


We are reminded that Darkness will never drive out darkness; only light can.

That the value of love will always be stronger than the value of hate and if people can learn to hate they can also be taught on how to love. As Luwi and Maria take that bold step,just a word of encouragement “Parenthood is a journey except , you will just be traveling from one room to the other putting away the same toys all day long😊🤭 enjoy the journey ”

As we make our last curtain call, this journey has been one hell of a journey with you the fans to thank for and for always choosing MARIA and staying glued to watch your favorite soap opera. We wanna say thank you and we are glad you enjoyed it, we are glad we made you happy. # season1down ......See you soon 🙏” 

Kenyans could wish Maria show to continue but here it comes to an end.

People are sharing their thoughts and lessons about the Citizen Show which is coming to and end on 18 March 2021.

People are happily praising maria on her dress that has made her more beautiful. The last episode is being awaited by many Kenyans.

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