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Songwriting Tip #5 #6 #7

Songwriting Tip #5: Focus on the Chorus: This is a crucial songwriting tip many new songwriters overlook. Think of the most popular songs in history and which part of the song generally comes to mind first. The chorus is, in some cases, the essential elements of a song. Your chorus should be catchy, simplistic, and memorable. You want your audience to easily sing along and remember your chorus, so you shouldn't include many large words or long phrases in your chorus. 

Songwriting Tip #6: The Beat (instrumental): The beat you chose for your song should be equally as catchy. Look for pop-sounding beats that have a broad or "crossover" appeal in which everyone will enjoy. Determine the tempo of your song, whether it will be high or mid-tempo and dance-related or a song with a slow tempo.

Songwriting Tip #7: Get Feedback: Sometimes, it is vital to get feedback for your song from another perspective. Ask your family or friends what they think of your song. Ask for their suggestions and take their opinions into consideration.

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