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Why I chose music production over photography

Music vs pictures.

Which one is more likely to provoke an emotional response?

That was one of the main questions I had in mind when I was choosing between music and photography as my new hobby to pursue about two years ago.

At the time, I was taking a film photography class in college and I was having a conversation with a friend, who’s also a photography enthusiast, while we visited a photography expo.

We were talking about how we both thought about learning music production as a hobby, but we had different reasons for getting into it.

I wanted to get into it because I wanted to create things that’ll have an emotional impact on people.

If you ask 10 people if they ever reacted emotionally to an image, whether it’s a photo or painting, I’m willing to bet most of them, if not all, would say no.

But if you ask them if there ever was a time they reacted emotionally to a song, they’d be more likely to say yes.


Because words have the power to connect with people, and this, again, goes back to the email I wrote a few days ago mentioning the fact that I believe text-based emails will always be better than typical corporate newsletters.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes it’s better to give a written description and leave the rest up to your reader’s imagination.

Whether you agree or disagree with it, it’s fine by me.

But if you’re interested in learning how to write engaging text-based sales emails, How to Become an Email Titan will show you how.

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