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“Alimnyima Sana” See What Damaris Refused To Give Koki Foi For Long That Allegedly Led To Her Death

According to Keiyo North Police boss, Tom Makori, Ms Mutua, who is a long-distance runner, was last seen in the company of her boyfriend within Iten before her body was found on Tuesday dumped at a house in Iten. The lovers were continually arguing on several issues. Friends revealed that Koki Foi wanted to have all the bank details of Damaris.

However she couldn't give out the details to Koki Foi. This therefore made Koki Foi grow in anger since Damaris Mutua had refused to respond to this for a long time. In fact she refused to even give Koki Foi some clue on the kind of her net worth even by approximation.

This therefore made Koki Foi act, sadly, by murdering her and dumping her body off her house in iten. The way Damaris refused to share her bank details is in accordance to the law. Therefore, Koki Foi is a wanted guy by the police now. Several respondents say there was no need of Koki Foi killing her.

Content created and supplied by: Baraka (via Opera News )

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