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Divorce Affair

"You Can't Cheat On Your Husband And He Remains In The Relationship" Edday Speaks Up

Celebrity Edday Nderitu has responded to what her husband said a day ago, and many people have been left confused. Edday is the wife of Mugithii singer Samuel Muchoki popularly known as Samidoh, and she said she didn’t cheat on him. Edday said that no man can be cheated on, and he still remains in that relationship. Samidoh had said that Edday cheated on him, but he forgave her.

Do you believe that Edday did not cheat on her husband as Samidoh had claimed earlier? Well nowadays cheating is almost becoming a norm in many relationships, and many people are now beginning to get worried.

Many people have found their partners cheating in a relationship, and they broke up. Some of them decided to forgive their partners, because they cheated on them. We also have another group of people who couldn’t handle the matters of being cheated on, so they committed suicide.

Some of them even brought more harm to their partners, so you should be careful when in a relationship. We have other people who also always suspect their partners of cheating, but they have no evidence. These people claimed that their lovers cheated on their, and they even spread the stories online.

Their partners came and gave another version of the story, and their fans were left confused. We have learned that it is always good to hear both sides of the story, if we want to make a good judgment. We should not judge based on one side, because we could be very wrong.

Edday decided to defend herself, and she said that she has never cheated on Samidoh. We don’t know who is telling the truth, and who is lying. You should just remain faithful to your partner, if you want to avoid all of these online drama.

These cheating dramas have ruined the reputations of many Kenyan celebrities, and some of the them have been badly hurt because of them. 

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