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Maria: Why Maria Show Ended Prematurely

Maria soap opera aired on Citizen Television was loved by man Kenyans because of its epic episodes. However the show has come to an unexpected end. This are some of the reasons as to why the show should have continued a little bit longer.

First of all,we do not know about the fate of Sandra whom we last saw at the police cell. She was vomiting blood and we do not know what happened to her later. We also don't know if the relationship with her daughter got better.

At the end of the show,William is arrested by the police and we cannot tell what happened to him from the time of arrest and whether Vicky forgave him like he wished.

Sofia is shot accidentally by Brenda at the wedding of Maria. She felt down unconscious,we are not sure if she survived the gunshot or not. After the shooting, did Brenda go to jail?

Silas kneels down to propose to Vanessa during Luwi's wedding. All over sudden,Maggie shows up and Silas stops his proposal. We cannot tell if they later went on with their plans.

Victor shows up at the wedding and is still insane. When they find him eating from the dustbin,Omari says that his case should be left to him. We are not aware if he made him sane again.

As evident,there is too much suspense and that is why we might conclude that its end was premature.

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