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Zora: Yola Takes Over The Rules In Chibales Family While Oliver Is Just Smiling

In today's episodes Yola and Kwame are taking their food. Yola starts complaining about the food, she tells Kwame that the food vis so tasteless. She then calls for Neema and Ogolla.

Neema will come running and scared. Yola tells Neema to call Ogolla and be first. Ogolla will not waste his time and joins them. Yola asks what she is doing in the house or her work is preparing bad food and just gossiping with Ogolla.

Yola asks them to brings their phones. Kwame is just there keeping quiet. Yolas tells Ogolla and Neema that from today they should follow her rules. Ogolla and Neema accepts Yolas rules and they Yola tell them to leave. She then calls Neema and tells her to prepare Swahili dishes.

Oliver starts smiling for what Yola is doing to the workers. Zalena will be watching at Yola very surprised because she could not believe Yola has starts making rules in the family yet she is only married by his son.

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