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WCB Allegedly Beefs This "Singeli" Artist For Singing Lacky Dube's Song "Prisoner" to Symbolize WCB

Wasafi classic Baby (WCB) is allegedly beefing Dulla Makabila (Singeli artist) for singing the Lucky Dube's song "prisoner" during the "bar to bar" show that is normally aired on Efm.

During the exclusive interview with Efm, Dulla said that his relationship with WCB got sour after WCB misunderstood him when he chose to sing the "prisoner" song. According to WCB's interpretation, Dulla Makabila sang the song just to tell the world how artists become prisoners after joining WCB. This was not true since he loves the song and he had to perform it to be happy.

WCB has 5 Artists. Nobody knows the relationship between WCB and Dulla Makabila. Maybe Dulla had signed a contract/ agreement with WCB which had prevented him from interacting with other media stations.

Do artists become prisoners after Joining WCB?

When artists join WCB they start afresh. He or she stop doing all the things that goes against WCB including doing interviews with media stations that are in Beef with WCB. The artists also do not do collaboration with other music record label that are competing with eg. Kings Music, Konde gang. Once an artist leaves the label he automatically becomes a betrayer just like Qboy msafi, Rick Mavoko and Harmonize.

This is why WCB is now considering Dulla Makabila a betrayer since he violated their agreement.

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