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Maria Citizen TV: Boss William Declares War Against Mejja After Realizing This

It actually took some good time for us to see a smile on boss William's face. It has not been easy for him to accept himself. Think about him living under one roof with Maria the girl who is already aware that he murdered his father. However, he felt somehow relieved after confessing to her.

As we gear into our today's theme, just in the next episode that you are about to watch, you will see Luwi talking to Maria on s phone call. After their conversation, Vanessa who was among the gathering, received a call from her fiance, Silas. He was just but informing him about the guy who recently brought some confidential documents to him. Vanessa's response made everyone to understand what they were talking about.

Boss William was much troubled to realize that Mejja didn't kill the guy he wanted to. He actually wondered if Mejja was all along working for Sir Denial. This triggered much thoughts and seemed to be with much worries. It is clear that another enemy has been just added. Moreover, he must be planning to do something to Mejja. Let's find out from the next episode.

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