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Zora: Madiba's Wife Cheated With Oliver, Lila Is Not Madiba's Biological Daughter But Oliver

In today's episode Kwame and Oscar will visit Zalena at the police station. Zalena will be happy to see his son Kwame, she asks Oscar to give them some space and Oscar will obey. Zalena will then tell Kwame that she is there because of him and should forget that he killed Alma because she has already confessed to the police that she killed Alma herself and threaten Kwame to says that he killed her.

Zalena asks Kwame if Madiba is fine and Kwame says yes. Zalena tells Kwame that she has something to tell him but he should never tell anyone especially Madiba. Zalena confesses to Kwame that he killed Madiba's wife because he cheated with Oliver, Kwame will not believe what his mother has said.

Zalena goes on and tells Kwame that Fila is the only Madiba's child and Lila is Oliver's daughter. Zalena adds that Madiba's Wife was carrying Oliver's another child before she involved in the accident and died. Kwame will just be shocked but Zalena tells him that he did all that just to protect her family especially Kwame.

Zalena sends Kwame to her room he will find a DNA test of Lila and Oliver and that she did it secretly. Time of Zalena will be over, she tells Kwame to take care of himself and she loves him so much. Kwame will leave and Zalena will be back in the cell.

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