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Zora Citizen:Mama Zora Creates Drama in The Chibales

Zora 4th 2022 episode in the Chibales where Mama Zora goes to fight Loretta.

Mama Zora goes to the hospital to visit Zora where he meets Zora mzee Simba and Fela. Mzee Simba is questioning Fela about Loretta blaming him that he is the reason why Zora is in that condition.

Mama Zora also tells Zora that she worned her against Fela but she did not listen.she then tells felt that he's very irresponsible that even when Zora was sick he could not take her to the hospital.

Mzee Simba tells fela about Loretta and that where Mama Zora knows that Loretta is beside what Zora is going through. She also realises that Zora was pregnant and she lost her child.

Mama Zora is angry where he gets out. after some minutes she goes to the chibales to meet Loretta where she finds her relaxing in the sitting room. She asks Loretta why she attacks Zora but she pretends not to know her.

Roletta tries to confuse Milton but Mama Zora Fighter.

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