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Debate Arises as Diamond's Employees Claim He Is The One and Only King

Everyone has their perspectives when it comes to betting and politics. Many people tend to choose what has impressed them while others will go for those with influence.

Diamond Platinumz and King Kiba have had the longest beef and as it is, it's not ending anytime soon because they are always looking for ways to prove that they are much better and experienced than the other. Alikiba just release his album titled only one king and seems it didn't sit well with team wasafi. Seems they felt Kiba was throwing jabs at them and they hit back Claiming That Diamond is the real one and only king because numbers always speak. Mark you, Alikiba had taken a break from music to focus on football. He just made his come back and he is doing well too.

The wasafi's statement caused a huge argument online with some netizens advising them not to take it personally.

Alikiba and Diamond are both recording bongo flavor artists, songwriters, and record label owners.

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