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Martha Hinga Congratulates Karangu Muraya For Revealing His Truth Over Con Deals With Lesedi Group

Popular blogger Martha Hinga official has congratulated kikuyu musician and philanthropist Karangu wa Muraya after he came out and set the record clear on his involvement with Lesedi Group which has come to the limelight over allegations of conning Kenyans of their hard earned cash.The group allegedly purpots to be doing real estate but rarely delivers in time and there are allegations that some have lost their cash upon payment.

Karangu Wa Muraya apologised to his fans over the recent ordeals they are facing through Lesedi Group after they tried to invest in buying land but they have still not got concrete information from the company.He affirmed that he was part of the influencers who advertised for the Lesedi Group legitimately and that there were no conship games in their deals with the land buying company.He vowed to do a follow up with the CEO of Lesedi Group so that all investors can get value for their money.

Martha Hinga has said it was in order that Karangu Wa Muraya has made an honest statement in concern to the issues raised out.She has urged the musician to put more pressure on the Lesedi Group founders and directors to assure their investors that their money,land or tittle deeds will be issued as soon as possible.

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