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Zora: Hamida Betrays Zalena, The Worst Happens To Her

In today's episode Zalena will ran at Hamida's house for safety. Neema will be surprised to see Hamida's mother but after opening her face she will more surprise only to find is madam Zalena. Neema will call Hamida then Zalena will give them alot of money so she can stay with them. Hamida will refuse but Neema will convince her to accept the money because they will not live in poverty anymore. Neema will welcome Zalena inside the house.

Hamida will call Madiba and informs him that his mother is hiding in her house. Madiba is the hands of police and they will hear everything. Ogolla will send Hodan to Hamida's place to arrest Zalena.

Hodan and her team they will find Neema and Hamida hunged up and tied both their hands. Never joke with madam Zalena. Zalena will have escaped because she heard Hamida talking to Madiba but she will be caught by Ogolla.

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