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“I'm Dating Myself” Brandy Maina Sends Men Away


Kenyan musician Brandy Njeri Maina said she doesn’t want any relationship with any man at the moment, and she is interested in only herself. Brandy adds to the list of single celebrity ladies in Kenya, and many men are disappointed by her words.


Brandy said her past relationships didn’t work, therefore she was discouraged. She didn’t know whether men loved her because of her fame or personality, therefore she got confused. Many celebrities in Kenya and other countries have found themselves in the same situation, and they have been asking themselves the same answer.


They doesn’t know if their partners truly loves them, or if they are together because of fame. Relationship has become a huge challenge nowadays, and we have seen a large number of celebrities breaking up or hurting each other.


Celebrities should always look at the personality, if they want to date. They will be disappointed with their partners, if they love them since they are famous. Brandy has to consider all of these facts, because she decided to stop dating.

She needed to understand herself better, and she also had to understand what she want in a relationship. Brandy believes all men are not the same, and they should not be treated as the same. Men are very different, because they were raised very differently. They also come from very different background, and they have different personalities.

Many women have decided to remain singles, after they have suffered from their past relationships. They in the end placed all men in the same basket, and they want nothing to do with men. Brandy is battling Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, therefore she wants nothing to do with men.

PCOS is an hormonal disorder caused by prolonged  menstrual periods in ladies at a younger age, and the condition makes it hard for Brandy to handle dating scene. The condition made her to grow excess hair, and her boyfriends would always avoid her.

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