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Woow| Why Veteran Patience Ozokwo Had To dance While Cooking

In addition to creating laughter and performing traditional dance movements to the pleasure of the audience, Patience Ozokwo, an experienced actress, draws everyone' s attention on social media platform while cooking.

Who Is is this Nollywood actress?

Patience Ozokwo, a Nollywood actress who is in her late 60s, is one of the industry' s oldest stars, but a new video uploaded to her Instagram page has showed viewers that she still has it in her to perform on stage.

She is a mother of two children and has been on a number of television programs during her career. A well- known actor, who also happens to be her father, is the mother of her two children. She is a prominent actress who is originally from Nigeria, where she was born and reared. She has been in many films and television shows. Patience, on the other hand, is one of the top- tier superstars who has a wide range of abilities.

According to her Facebook page, the well- known film actress, who just celebrated her 50th birthday, can be seen doing some difficult traditional dance moves that were captured on camera and may be seen in the video below.

Chef Patience Ozokwo dances in the kitchen while cooking a dinner for her family. In the process of cooking dinner, Nigerian actress Patience Ozokwo demonstrates her traditional dance abilities.

This picture was shared by Instagram user @patienceozokwo, who wishes to remain anonymous. All of this information was obtained from the social networking website Instagram.

Even though Patience had been caught doing some light dancing in her kitchen, she kept her eyes concentrated on a pot of soup that was boiling in the corner of the room.

Fans and junior colleagues of the actress were having a good time in the comment section of the actress' s official website as a result of the joyful film posted by the actress. Some of them complimented her, while others conveyed their heartfelt wishes for her well- being on her behalf, which she really enjoyed and returned the favor.

Creation of influence by Patience Ozokwo

When compiling a list of the most accomplished female actors and actresses in the industry, it is important not to overlook Nollywood actress Patience Ozokwor. She is also an artist, fashion designer, gospel singer, and actress, among other things. She is originally from Nigeria, and she has worked in a number of various professions during her professional career thus far.

Along with her numerous film roles as the evil mother, which she has played throughout her career, she is well- known for her appearances as the evil mother on television shows such as Mad Men. A well- known face in the world of television, Patience Ozokwor is one that you have almost definitely seen and will continue to see for many years in front of your television set.

Her professional career you need to know

Patience has a professional acting career in Nigeria, but she is also a professional musician, fashion designer, and gospel vocalist in addition to her other endeavors. Her most notable professional accomplishment is that of a professional gospel singer, which she has done for over a decade. She also performs on a regular basis as a gospel singer in the United Kingdom, where she lives. On top of everything else, she also works as a professional model in her own right, which is a wonderful bonus on top of everything.

The late Ozokwor began performing at a young age and has gone on to enjoy a long and fruitful career in the entertainment business, which continues to this day. Among the classics she enjoyed as a child were Oliver Twist, Jane Eyre, and other works by her uncle, and she continues to like them today. Despite the fact that she was unable to understand what she was reading at the time, she maintained her interest in such books. It was because of the books' contents that she was exposed to the worlds of literature and artistic expression, which she would later grow to love.

Her other hobbies included participating in a variety of activities with other children at the Takwa Bay Children' s Club, which gave her the opportunity to make new friends and develop her social skills. " All of these factors eventually resulted in her getting more exposure and confidence, which in turn resulted in her gaining even more exposure and confidence as a result of her exposure and confidence increasing even more as a result of her confidence rising even further. Patience Ozokwor was persuaded to enter the Nollywood industry, and the purpose of this essay is to explain the process by which she came to this conclusion.

Origin of Patience Ozokwo fame

The late Pete Eneh and Chika Okpala were also responsible for bringing Patience Ozokwor to the public' s notice, as were a slew of other entertainment business celebrities, including many more who were brought to public prominence by the late Pete Eneh and Chika Okpala. Like many other celebrities in the entertainment industry, they were responsible for introducing her to the Nollywood business.

As a result, she continued to tell the whole narrative of how her guardian angels encouraged her to fall in love with her career and how she ascended to the peak of success in Hollywood over the course of their following conversation. In a statement posted on social media, Patience Ozokwor said, " This signals the beginning of my professional career in the Nollywood entertainment industry. " It' s important to maintain your sights fixed on the goal throughout the procedure. I really discovered Nigerian film via Chief Zebrudaya (Chika Okpala) and Pete Eneh (may God continue to rest his soul), rather than through Chief Zebrudaya and Pete Eneh themselves.

Following an investigation, it was discovered that they had been classmates at the Esute mature university program, which I had also participated in. " The fact that I was able to make each and every child in the class laugh on a daily basis surprised them, and they were all shocked at how much I was able to do so in a school setting. Their attempts to convince me to become a part of the Nollywood industry came dangerously close to being successful at one point (a story for another day).

In the years before that, I had been involved in radio drama as well as a wide range of theatrical performances of various kinds. Originally known as Patience Ozokwor, she initially came to the public' s attention in 1999 and has since established herself as a well- known figure on social media platforms popular among those in the entertainment business. In appreciation of her work, she has received many awards and accolades, the most recent of which was the Best supporting Actress Award, which she received in 2012 for her portrayal of Rosemary in the film The Help.

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