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"Ako Wapi Huyu Hustler?", Millicent Omanga is Looking for Young Man who Claims is in Love with Her

Controversial Senator Millicent Omanga is looking for a young man who claims to be in love with her, as per his Facebook post.

The said youngster identified as Kipkoech Konki took it a notch higher and did a tattoo on his chest declaring the unwavering love that has for the cute, gorgeous Senator, Millicent Omanga.

As stated by the courageous boy Kipkoech, he aimed to do a permanent tattoo of Millicent Omanga's name but since he could not afford it, he had to draw it by himself using a pen, provided the message would reach the target, Millicent Omanga.

"Wherever you are Millicent Omanga, just know that I have written you in my heart", part of the young man's photo caption reads accompanied by love Emojis as it is also seen in his simple chest tattoo.

Fortunately, after taking a snapshot and sharing it on social media, it went viral and landed in the hands of the mother of three, Senator Millicent Omanga who is known for being too social and interactive on her social media pages.

As a youthful leader, Omanga likes joking with her fans who can also agree, It's never a dull moment whenever she is online. She also resonates well with the young generation who speaking sheng when they are engaging her online.

As such, she has grown a strong bond with her fans. After seeing what her secret lover, Kipkoech did to prove that he loves her, Omanga is now looking for the young man.

This is what she has written on her Facebook page, "Na huyu hustler ako wapi?", she asks. The post has left many fans thrilled and others in stitches, what's blessing awaits Kipkoech? Let's wait and see.

Here are some of the assorted hilarious comments.End.

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