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Is it Sean Andrew or thee Pluto ? Find out who is more handsome and fashionable


Both young and old men keep asking each other how ladies categorize them .It is hard to know how ladies define handsome, this is because everyone is different and that we perceive things differently. Ladies love many features in men .Skin tone, sideburns , muscles and height are some of this features. The dark tall men are the luckiest because they are the most loved species . I know you would not miss in any of those category or is there anyone who lucks all of the above? To be sincere I don't think so. PHOTO :COURTESY

Apart from being different, you would not get the real definition of being handsome because of the fast changing world .Ladies nowadays go for anyone as long as your pocket is so deep. That is the saddest part of the story .It is hard to know what the Lady or girl loves about you. We have all heard about the young socialite whose story has gone viral .She goes by the name Shakilla and she is clearly an example of how young girls are after money. Men , You just have to pray hard to get someone who loves you genuinely. In every region or country we cannot miss to spot people considered handsome .In my article we are going to look at two young male celebrities giving women sleepless nights .It is fun to know the two guys are fashion bloggers .PHOTO/ COURTESY.

Above is a photo of a fast growing influencer and fashion blogger. He goes by the name Thee Pluto .The young guy is considered handsome . At one point there were rumours going round that he is gay but that rumour did not last for long. Since he got money Pluto really transformed from a simple boy to the gentleman he is today. He is a clear indication that no one is ugly , you are just broke. He is one of the reasons of how we should work hard and make our dreams come true no matter how young we are. See his more photos ;


The second guy we are going to come across is also popular because of his looks. He is also a fashion blogger just like thee Pluto. Sean Andrew Kibaki is his name . He is the grandson of the retired President, his Excellency President Mwai Kibaki. The twenty six year old is wealthy and a bachelor .He went on disclosing that he has no plans of getting married which surprised many. It was a big blow especially to those ladies having a crush on him including Rue baby ,Akothe's daughter that time .See his photos below,

PHOTO : COURTESY ; Facebook .

At this point am going to make you my judge .If it was to vote for the one who is handsome and fashionable , Who are you going to choose? Is it Sean Andrew or thee Pluto ?

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PHOTO Pluto Sean Andrew Shakilla


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