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Husband and wife relationship

How a woman aged 68years laments about her marriage and wishes to go back to her parents. 😓

Margaret Wairimu is a resident at Njoro in Nakuru county. She is a mother of 14 children and a grandmother to many. She is 68years old but still not happy in her marriage. Even after spending a lot of years in her marriage she cries bitterly because of domestic violence and wishes to go back to her late parents home.

"My husband insults me all sorts of bad names in the presence of my grand children. I stay with four grand daughters of my late daughters, I thought my husband would stop his drama because of this kids but owe unto me,he still beats me as this children watch." Wairimu narrates.

Just a week ago, Wairimu received a thorough beating from her husband because of a little misunderstanding. Right now Wairimu has been admitted to hospital where she is seeking medication. Does she really deserve this?

She says that no single week ends without a drama in her home. The children in her village are used to this violence and anytime screams are heard in that village they run to her house to see what's new this time. This issue has stressed Margaret so much and she wants to go back to her late parents house and seek happiness there.

Domestic violence has become a major issue in almost every marriage nowadays. Women are suffering so much in the hands of their loved ones. You find young women who are in their twenties but look like they are in their fifties because of this violence.😓Its the high time for men to change and treat their wives well. Treat her like a Queen she deserves to be. Marriage should bring happiness to both of you.

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