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After Asking Kenyans For Ksh. 50 For A Song, Here Is What Guardian Angel Did With The Money

Gospel musician and songwriter Audiphaxad Peter Omwaka who is commonly known as Guardian Angel has sparked an online debate after his recent post.

Guardian Angel asked his loyal fans to send him Ksh. 50 so that he can send them a clip of his song on WhatsApp.

''Good morning Fam. You can now get our short clip for Hakuna Mungu kama Wewe on your WhatsApp Only at 50 bob. Mpesa number is.. 0713531359. Let's see how many people can support our music 😂. Enjoy your weekend Fam.'' Guardian Angel posted.

As expected, many people started throwing shades at him arguing that he is conning them yet he is a Millionaire.

Boaz Daniel, ''Kwani umekuwa that broke people out here needs our help than u do u have already made enough in ur music industry let me give my 50sh to children who are starving of hunger pole sana.''

Sarah Richards, ''Weka tu YouTube tukusurpport kipande iyo, mambo ya mpesa wachana nayo.''

Harvick Cliff, ''This is crazy celeb hawezi peana m-pesa number ati 50 bob for a short video clip. this is a con man.''

Maxine Jeril, ''I will not be broke nikisupport gospel artist with only 50bob ,na unaeza tembea hii kanairo uibiwe zote hadi simu ubaki bure.''H

He then did the unexpected as he went ahead and asked the same fans to call his number and tell him their problems so that he cand send them the cash.

''Wow soooo let's do this. I know kuna mtu mmoja apa anafeel amefika mwisho. I want to send you all the money that guys sent for the clip just call me on 0713531359 and tell me your need.'' Guardian Angel posted again.

The story in the comment section changed from him being a conman to him being God sent as many started to shower him with praise.

Here are some of the varied reactions by Kenyans after asking whom he should help with the money.

Edna Ngemu, ''After kupost watu wasupport music yake na fifty bob for clip,people have attacked him With bitter words ,see now they are calling...''

Pam Nyakwar, ''Just take a walk in public hospitals and you will find the sick with no money to buy medication... anza hapo.''

Diana Awuor, ''Aki binadamu after all said and done negatively about Guardian we are the first to run for help. May God for give us. Truly God will always be God.''

Zippy Carain, ''With me I don't need to be prayer is to continue flaming my gift of giving... Guardian n Esther...I love your honesty, humility n dedication to God's appointments.''

Sarah, ''Najua hata wale waliongea mbaya wako busy wanapiga simu 😂😂.''

Tony, ''Line busy... wah! Kenyans. You guys are on another level... Nway wacha tu niogeze keg ingine nitakupigia baadae 😂.''

Content created and supplied by: KiprutoCollins (via Opera News )

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