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Sultana: Destiny Allows JJ And Sultana To Meet Again

In today's episode JJ and Kokan are really trying hard to find Sultana and her mother in different places. JJ has walked for a long distance and can't walk anymore.kokan wants to see Sultana and shown Villagers Sultana's photo and asks them if they have seen her but they haven't.

JJ pleads Kokan to first rest then look for Sultana later. Kokan tells him is a lazy man and his laziness will not stop him from finding Sultana. Kokan will leave and JJ will go at the beaches to have some rest.

At the beaches JJ will dream Kokan getting married to Sultana. Kokan forces him to give him the ring and put on Sultana but JJ can't believe this is happening. Sultana will come on a wedding gown and recognizes JJ. Sultana will call JJ and he will stop dreaming only to find Sultana infront of him.

JJ will not believe is Sultana, he will hug her tightly. JJ thinks destiny has brought them together because he didn't expect to meet Sultana. Sultana will be so happy to meet JJ. JJ tells her that he has being looking for her until the day she called her. JJ asks Sultana who trained her how to use the phone because he knows Salama can't? Sultana tells him is just God's grace. The two lovers will be happy for seen each other after a while.

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