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6 Most Unusual Couples You Wont Believe Actually Exits.

Most of us have that misconception that beauty trumps everything. For many things, physical attractiveness is the only way to find love. Well if that’s what you think then you have clearly not met these couples who’ve defied society's expectation of what is natural and acceptable. Meet these couples you won’t believe they actually exist, they might be what you need to have more faith in true love

1. Anna and Lucy De Cinque

If you ever saw twins you will always see them together and dress alike in most cases, have similar hobbies and that’s quite normal but now these twins considered to be the world's most identical twins in the world. not only do they share the same Facebook account and car but they also have the same boyfriend. Ben Bryne is the 37 years old mechanic who is dating these twins for a while now and stay with them under one roof and their mother. They do everything together including sleeping in the same bed.

Love is a share in this relationship and there is no favorite and he is not allowed to spend more time with one twin but they should be with both of them.

2. Brittany and Briana Deane.

Here is another pair of twins who like to achieve different milestones together. These twins married another twins at a wedding that was done on the same date and day with the same venue. They dated during the same period and proposed on the same date and to make matters amazing, the priests who came to the wedding were also twins. another milestone is that they got pregnant together as they planned.

3. Kwan Dii

Love can make you do amazing things. Kwani Dii announced on social media he is dating a certain man and got over a million criticized and everybody was against it but that could not stop her from loving her loved one and have a kid. they are still married till now.

4. Gong Yuefei

Chinese actress Gong likes to turn people off with his choice of boyfriends. she is truly obsessed with height and all her boyfriends were short. For example her first boyfriend was not tall than one meter. and that’s not ridiculous enough her new boyfriend is 238 centimeters long. now she looks like the former tiny boyfriend to this giant.

5. Linh My Nguyen

This lady from Vietnam is more than beautiful but now when she posted her man people were all with questions and criticized that the slender beauty dating somebody overweight and more of the comment was mainly focused on the weight of the man and many advise her to drop the man and the photo online but she posts more. they have been dating for 2 years now and they are happily together.

6.Esteban Landrau and Danna Sultan

are other interesting couples that may defy what is considered normal. these two people are in love and now their love led to a pregnancy. but what is amazing here is that the one pregnant here is the man. Esteban was born a woman but identify herself as a man and Danna was born a man and identify himself as a woman. since they did not go for the surgery they are just the same but now different in that way. they conceive their child still sounds not normal but yes that's how it is.

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