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Zora: Madiba Consoles Ogolla After Mistreated By Yola

Ogolla is among the best actors who make the Zora series so interested. Ogolla acts as the gateman at the Chibale's family and a good friend to Madiba first son to the Chibale's.

Since Neema lost her jobs at the Chibale's family Ogolla has been doing all the chores in the house such as cooking and washing dishes. Yola has been demanding him to follow her instructions and make sure the house is clean. Yola is ever giving Ogolla so much work that he cannot handle she even slaps him.Too bad for Ogolla.

In today's episodes Madiba will find Ogolla crying,he will ask him why he is crying. Ogolla will tell Madiba that is Yola mistreating him by giving him all the jobs in the house and his work it's only at the gate. Ogolla prefers if Yola should have given him the duty to look at the fridge but not mopping the house. Ogolla cries saying he is handsome if Yola wants him then he should let him know rather than giving him such work. Madiba tells him he should not worry and he should be strong because none of them will help him until the Will is read. Madiba promises him that after the Will is read then he will know where he can help him. Madiba will leave .

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