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Husband and wife relationship

Zora: Zora's Mum Tells Her To Go Back To Her Husband, See What She Does Next

Ever since she came back home from her mother's place and found her husband with Sherleen in their matrimonial bed, she hasn't been the same. She never believed her husband will do that in their bed of all places and decided to confront him about it. She is then given a beating and chased out of the house from which she went to her mother's-in-law and spends the night. The next morning, she goes back with her but bores her no fruit and she decides to live with her best friend till she figures out something.

On the next day, she goes and tells her mom of how her marriage situation is and the things she goes through. Her mother advices her that all marriage has hardships and she should get her house in order even after seeing her with bruises and blackspots. She then leaves and goes back to her friends place, where she thinks of her next move.

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