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Zora: Lorreta Caught Milton Taking Advantage Of Neema

In today's episodes Neema will be in Milton's room spreading sheets and cleaning the room as usual. Milton will enter in the room and starts staring at Neema. He tells Neema he never knew she is a beautiful woman like that. Milton will then move closer to Neema and holds her, he promises to give her everything she wants because he is a rich man if she accepts him but all over sudden Lorreta will enter in the room and finds Milton holding Neema.

Lorreta asks Milton what has entered into him and wants to take advantage to a child like Neema and a maid. Milton says it was nothing and he will leave. Lorreta will asks Neema if Milton did anything to her, Neema says she came in on the right time and nothing happened. Lorreta tells her if Milton does anything to her then she should report to her. Lorreta will walk out.

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Lorreta Milton Neema


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