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Different Women Who Might Have Contributed To Pluto's And Felicity's Break Up

Being in a relationship with a Man who is a Womanizer is one of the most difficult thing that women can persevere. It is difficult for such relationship to thrive. Pluto is an upcoming Content Creator on You Tube who is currently doing well being in the social media industry. Recently Pluto introduced his girlfriend Felicity and hardly two months passed before the couple broke up

Pluto even went viral and Accused Felicity of taking him for granted. Pluto Revealed how Felicity had refused to move in to his house. Pluto revealed that Felicity did not introduce her to any of her friends neither family members.

Pluto further added that he had even changed his number for the sake of peace of their relationship. However it seems Felicity is a wise girl and she didn't want to fall blindly in love. Felicity had to be cautious so as not to jump from the pan to the fire itself. Below are some of the emerging photos that are on the media that could have caused insecurities in Felicity.

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