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Hot Movie Star Micheal Scofield's Uniqueness

Hi ladies, many of you if not all have had a crush and still admire and wish to be in a romantic relationship with this hero actor Michael Scofield who rose to fame through a TV show known as Prison Break on Netflix.

I am however so sorry to inform girls that, that is impossible no matter how handsome he is with an appearance that you have always dreamt your Mr. Right should have, it may never happen.

Also called Wentworth Miller, he studied English and Literature and has been acting and writing scripts, he is admired by many women since he is hot with the height, calling eyes and charming facial looks that women wish their men had.

Here is why he wouldn't be your future husband baby girl, he publicly came out in 2013 announcing that he belongs to the queer community, this is to say, Michael is gay.

Since then he has been declining acting straight roles, now you know how unique he is.

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