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Pritty Vishy Reveals That She Been Previously Married 3 Times

Pritty Vishy Biography, Career, Married As Second Wife And Relationship  With Simple Boy | whownskenya

Pritty Vishy, a controversial content producer, admitted to having been married three times by the time she was 21 in an interview with Nicholas Kioko.

Being married was not her responsibility since she wasn't prepared to be submissive, the ex-girlfriend of Stevo Simple Boy had earlier stated on her Instagram stories during a Q&A session.

Pritty revealed that she initially got married in standard seven and that her mother sent her to a boarding school after learning about the union.

She enrolled in a day school after completing her primary education and in form one, she got married again—this time, it didn't work out. She decided it would be prudent to do it again in form two.

Pritty claimed that after the character transformation she underwent, marriage was the last thing on her mind. She continued by saying that despite their best efforts, their relationship with Madini Classic was in trouble.

She said that she had some money to spend and urged anyone who was interested to move forward. Despite her outspoken opposition to getting married and starting a family, she said that if the perfect man came along, she would jump at the chance.

She just demands that the potential suitor not be well-known because she already has a lot on her plate. Pritty emphasized that people need to learn to offer grace in response to the jeers she received when she mentioned that she was turning 21.

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