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Remember Kokoto Lijodi Of Vioja Mahakamani, See His Photos

KBC TV used to be the best channel in Kenya, and we all loved it. This channel always brought a lot of dramas, and we still remember many of them. Vioja Mahakamani used to be one of them, and we had great actors like Kokoto Lijodi. I loved this person, because he always made me laugh. 

We should always watch these comedies, if we feel bored. They will add more years in our lives, because laughter is always the best medicine. Kokoto Lijodi's real name is called Lawrence Gwako, and he is working as an actor.

He started acting long time ago, and he has made a big name in acting industry. His name is like a brand, and he can eat using his name. He acted in the drama Vioja Mahakamani, and he was always humorous. His partnership with Olexender Joseph, Ondiek Nyuka Kwota and Alfonse Makacha was really great.

These friends have never left each other, and they have performed in most of the shows together. Kokoto Lijodi

started abusive alcohol, while he was still in primary school. He was taken back to Nyakach village, because he had a bad characters due to alcohol abuse.

His parents made the worst decision, because his stepmother brewed chang'aa. He continued with this habit, until high school. Kokoto Lijodi continued drinking, and his family could do nothing about it. He lost his job at Vioja Mahakamani, because he was a heavy drinker.

He is married to a beautiful wife, and he had three children. We should learn a lot from Kokoto's drinking habit, so that we don’t fall victims of unnecessary problems. Kokoto has a very supportive wife, and his wife understand him. He has never left his side, even though he is a heavy drinker. I think women should follow Kokoto's wife example, so that their marriage can last.

Kokoto's wife used to go back to rural home, so that Kokoto can bring his life back in order. Kokoto is very thankful today, because his wife has been a pillar in his life. We wish this celebrity a successful life, even if his life has not been in order.

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