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Husband and wife relationship

"Your Videos Helped Me Fix My Marriage." Lady Makes A Confession To Bahati's Wife, Diana Marua.

A Lady reffered to as Christine from Nairobi confessed to popular YouTuber Diana Marua who is also the wifecto popular artist Bahati. This was after she received a visit from Diana at her house, and she could hardly hold back her joy as she explained to her how her videos helped her fix her marriage.

According to Christine who is also a mother of one, she had a difficult time with her husband who hardly made enough money to take care of her. What pained her more is that he never allowed her to work and make her own money

She claiming that her marriage had fallen apart since she could fight with her husband everyday especially when he came home empty handed. This went on for months until one day when her husband told her to be natured like Diana. That night she decided to watch her videos on social media.

She claimed that she realized that Diana and her husband also had disagreements but she wasn't rude or disrespectful to her husband. She also said that she realized that Diana appreciated her husband's work and even encouraged him to work hard.

According to Christine on seeing this she realized that she didn't appreciate her husband's hard-working and also she learned how to humble. According to her when she stopped picking fights with her husband he slowly changed and even allowed her to find a job.

"My husband had completely changed he was now showing me a lot of love." Christine said.

Christine stated that at times they have the normal fights but it's not as much as it happened before. Her husband is now kind to her and treats her and and their child with a lot of love.

She claimed that women should learn how to respect their husbands and even appreciate them when they are working hard to provide for them. She also said that women shouldn't shout at their spouses and instead talk nicely and with respect.

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