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``Don't Snoop on your partners phone you will always find something"Tanasha Donna warns fans.

_Tanasha Donna went on social media to offer some needed advice regarding relationships.

_The singer said one should avoid their partner's phone than worry about who they are texting and talking to

- This is because if one starts snooping on their lover's phone doesn't give you trust and security your looking for and again its violation of partners privacy.

_She has added by saying snooping is often unproductive since you might find nothing and feel like a jerk or else you might find something innocent and small and blow it out of proportion

_90% of people who are dating/courtships are always worried about who their partner might be chatting with and calling especially on social media platforms.

Well, Donna  says this should be the last thing on ones mind because it always leads to the worst and some end up breaking up.

_On an Instagram post, Diamond's baby mama warned fans against snooping on their lovers' phones, noting that one will always find something suspicious and their happiness will always come to an end

_Donna was replying to a post shared by a netizen @justinlaboy who needed advice on whether to go through one's phone.

Sharing the said post on her Instagram Stories, Tanasha wrote:

"Don't do it! You always find something."
_What followed was generated mixed reactions from fans asking why it ain't allowed to go through partners phone yet your in relationship.

What are your views,Is it right to Snoop on your partners phone ?

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Tanasha Donna


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