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Don't say "Acha chenye Mungu alipanga kifanyike, See the reasons why

We are living in an era where the society is very competitive and full of wickedness. The only solution to survive is to live a godly life, living away from all sorts of immorality. But as long as we trust in God the creator, there are some instances where we need to try our efforts before we call upon God's intervention.

Here are some reasons why the phrase "Acha chenye Mungu Alipanga kifanyike" should be avoided to succeed;

1. It shows that you have given up.

Everyone out there should know that to be successful one must strive harder. Saying the above phrase simply means that you're exhausted chasing your dreams and you're ready to accept any fate.. You are not religious.

Saying the above phrase means that you have not read and understand the word of God. Remember in Mathew 7:7 - 8 the Bible says "knock and the door will be opened for you." Meaning that God will give you what you are seeking.

3. You're not serious with your goals.

Unless you are not serious about what you aims, you will say the phrase. Otherwise, you will strive untill you reach the end.

4. Not interested in the relationship.

This phrase is quoted several times with people in a love relationship. This simply means that you're not much interested in losing the person you love. Here this, a good relationship is worth a fight. Don't give up.

I will like to see you comment in the comments box. Thank you.

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Acha Mathew Mungu Alipanga


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