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Beautiful Pictures From Kajala And Harmonize Proposal Event, Last Night

It is indeed a beautiful thing to fall in love with someone who has the same purpose as you in their life. Harmonize and Kajala have made us understand that love knows no age or differences. What matters is what each one of them felt for each other since they first met.In the beginning, many thought Harmonize was just taking advantage of the mother of one since he was more successful and popular than her. But, as time passed, he proved that all what people thought were just lies and deep inside his heart, he knew he had bigger plans with Kajala, the Tanzanian actress. Although they had some misunderstanding just like any other relationship, the two lover birds have kept to their word of loving each other till date. We could see from the way Harmonize was persuading Kajala when they had a misunderstanding some few months back.His efforts seems to have bore him some ripe and sweet fruits after he asked Kajala for her hand in marriage and she said yes. The star's joy could be seen all throughout the event last night, as he thank God for allowing him to fulfill his heart desires. Kajala on the other side, promised to be the best partner and wife to Harmonize as they spend the rest of their lives together. All the best to this beautiful couple as they start a new chapter in their journey of love.Below are more pictures from their beautiful event. Let us know your opinion in the comment section and don't forget to like and follow our page for more upto date news like this ones. Thank you.

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