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Zora Citizen TV: Madiba Lands in Trouble With Nana, Zora to Choose Between Madiba and Fella

Madiba who is expected to be the future husband of Nana just found himself in trouble after his secret meeting with Zora got revealed. Before I reveal all the details on how it happened, all me to remind you something that had been going on between him and Zora. Until now we all know that Madiba and Zora love each other so deeply. The only thing we don't know is that if they are meant to be together. This is because despite of them making a resolution to fight for their love, many things have been trying to drift them a part.

In the upcoming episode, you will see Madiba explaining to Aunt Loretta that Zora wasn't behind her accident. After revealing that he met with her to ask about the accident, she realized that the two love birds had been meeting. Aunt Loretta passed the information to Zalena who later on revealed to Madiba and Nana, this is how he landed in trouble. Nana got so angry after realizing that Madiba had been secretly meeting with Zora.

While Madiba's relationship with Nana getting problematic, on the other side Zora is fighting in her heart on whether she should choose Madiba or Fella. Her mother and staple mother advised her not to be with Fella, while her father and pastor JB advised her to stick in marriage. Zora is actually wondering what could be the best option for her. Let's find out more from the next episode.

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