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Are Our Kenyan Girls Being Too Good - A Summary of Jemutai And Pro Hamo Scandal - Opinion

Just there other day two comedians Hamo and Jemutai who once shared a Churchill Show platform decided to put their dirty linen in public. Following the greasy push and pull; here is an outline of the two lovebirds' story:

1. They two met and fell in love on Churchill Show in 2016.

2. Hammo is married and Jemutai knows that well.

3. Jemutai and Hammo’s wife are friends, then two talk and interact more often.

4. Hammo’s wife sometimes sends upkeep money to Jemutai.

5. Jemutai got pregnant for baby No. 1 in 2016.

6. When Jemutai got pregnant, Hammo chased her out because “he wanted to protect his fame”

7. So Jemutai moved out to a single room, no bed, no gas no food etc. She’s heavily pregnant.

8. Jemutai gives birth to Baby 1 in Nov 2017 through CS.

9. She took a break from comedy (Churchill Show)

10. It’s at that time that Hammo landed a Ksh. 10M endorsement deal.

11. Jemutai reaches out to Hammo to help clear hospital bill, but Hammo never responded.

12. She struggled alone to clear the bills and they are discharged from hospital.

13. She then decided to go back on stage (Churchill) just 2 months after giving birth, even before she could heal properly. She starts making money again.

14. Hammoh goes back to her again (2017). He apologized and they reconciled. Hammoh promises to be a responsible father to her kid.

15. They started dating again.

16. Hammo is broke again, the first wife is pregnant.

17. Hammo wanted to go to South Africa but didn’t have money. Jemutai gives him 50k from her savings

18. Hammo’s first wife gives birth. Jemutai is the one who cleared hospital bill and did all the shopping for them. 

19. Schools reopen and Hammo’s kids need to change school. Jemutai buys the new school uniform and all the shopping and pay school fee

20. Hammo and Jemutai moved in together again in 2018

21. Hammo asks Jemutai to quit Churchill and combine efforts and help him build his career and make Hammo’s character great. Jemutai agrees

22. Hammo gets a job at Hot 96 Radio. 

23. After all her efforts in making him great, she never got even a shilling from him.

24. It’s then that she decided to go back to Churchill Show.

25. Year 2019 Jemutai gets pregnant for Baby No. 2

26. Hammo gets mad at her for going back to Churchill Show. Calls her rebellious

27. September 2019, Jemutai lands a deal with Safaricom. She helps Hammo relocate to a better house.

28. She runs out of money again. Hammo is also broke.

29. Hammo fails to raise school fees again; Jemutai borrows 30k from her friend. She gives the money Hammo to pay the kids’ school fees.

30. Jemu gets back to hustling, selling stuff online sometimes getting home late.

31. Hammo gets mad at her and even claims he is not the biological father to Baby No. 2

32. It hurts Jemutai so much since she was sure she never had any other man

33. Hammo at this points decided to walk out on Jemutai

34. A month ago, Jemutai’s baby fell sick and she decided to call the father, Hammo. She finds out that she has been blocked everywhere. 

“I know he doesn’t want anything to do with us but please I don’t want him to come back later and corrupt the children’s’ minds” Jemutai says. 

Is Professor Hammo just after Jemutai’s money? 

Is Jemutai being too good? Did she fail to learn from her past mistakes?

Meanwhile let’s all support our girl! 

Content created and supplied by: Bobo14 (via Opera News )

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