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House of Fame turns house on flame between Comedians Professor Hamo and Jemutai

Online war erupts between the two famous churchill comedians, that is, professor Hamo and Kalenjin queen Jemutai. Following the heated exchange on social media through various channels, finally Hamo has responded to the recent post by Jemutai on him neglecting and abandoning his 2 biological children.

According to Jemutai, a lot has been happening between them from 2016 upto date. A combination of memorable and hard times of separation and series of unpredictable re-unions. Recently, as stated by the mother, the children have been experiencing rough times in their early childhood stage due to lack of sufficient funds for upkeep and general welfare.

Contrary to this, Hamo came up with latest response disputing the earlier claims of disserting his children who they brought up with Jemutai." I know a lot is being talked and people can express their feelings whenever they need, but the fact remains: I have care for all my children, those we live together and those outside formal marriage"."

As per Hamo, children deserve proper concentration which he has been so much considerate throughout. According to him, it is his wife who gathers for all children irrespective of real maternal mother's. He strongly believe in giving all his children what they deserve best without prejudice.

He further stated that Jemutai may be frustrated by some other external forces due to some personal challenges. While on her path, Jemutai is pleading for mass help from Kenyans of goodwill to chip-in in sorting her expenses out.

The online discussion has been active for some hours now, but the question is, who is saying the truth and how can the two get going despite the pressure from the general public? How can Hamo bring his family together without breaking the already existing bonds? Contribute on this topic to help prevent further complications.

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