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Foreign Affair CS Alfred Mutua Showcases his Great Tae Kwondo Skills in South Korea (VIDEO)

Foreign Affairs CS Alfred Mutua is a man known to be of many talents.

From being the producers of tye famous Kenya Action Movie Cobra Squad to singing and dancing, Mutua has left many talking of his great Tae Kwondo skills.

While visiting the World Headquarters of Tae Kwondo, Mutua got a priviledges to showcase is fighting skills.

During the visit, Mutia was made an honorary 6th Dan Black Belt from the Tae Kwondo grandmaster Lee.

Mutua had accompanied President William Ruto during his visit in South Korea.

In a short video he shared, Mutua could be seen blocking kucks from his opponent like a professional Tae Kwondo.

Watch Mutua's video here

He further revealed during his teenage days, he had enrolled for the martial classes which he pointed out that he needs to resume soonest possible.

He revealed that his eldest son had qualified to be awarded to become a black belt holder in Tae Kwondo.

"In my late teens and early twenties, I practised Tae Kwondo before picking up Temple Kungfu. I need to find time to get back to the sport. I am getting rusty. As they say, like father like son, I am proud of the fact that my firstborn son, two weeks ago, qualified and is now a black belt holder in Tae Kwondo," he wrote.

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