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Sultana:JJ Fights Kaka Because Of Dida

In tomorrow's episode, Dida will come to Kaka's house very drunk. Kaka will see her but doesn't want to talk to her. Dida will come close to him but he will keep his distance. Kaka will try to run but Dida will follow. Dida tells him that she is going nowhere but Kaka doesn't love her anymore.

Kaka tells Dida to leave because he no longer loves her but Dida will hug him tightly. JJ will find them and will be shocked. JJ tells Dida should be ashamed to have a poor man like Kaka. Kaka will not allow JJ to insult and tells him is just angry and lonely because Sultana returned his ring.

JJ forces Kaka to leave Dida because can't allow her to stay at that late hour. Dida tells JJ is going nowhere because she has his lover. JJ will start fighting Kaka but he will beat him. Kaka tells him to leave them alone. Dida calls Kaka to go to sleep and this will hurt JJ the most.

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