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Details Of Progeria, The Disease Suffered By Grand P, As He Reunites With His Ex-Lover, Eudoxie Yao

A couple of days ago, Guinean musician Grand P reunited with his ex-lover, Ivorian plus-size model Eudoxie Yao.

This was confirmed through the series of social media posts, musician shared enjoying good times with the model.This comes less than a don'th, after their break-up.

"Love is taking care of each other even when we are angry. I love you Eudoxie.” wrote Grand P in part of his reunion message.

The 28-year-old Grand p was born with Progeria, a rare genetic disorder that has affected his height.

Following this latest unfolding, we have decided to research details of Progeria, the rare disorder affecting Grand p.

Progeria is an extremely rare growth disorder, which is characterized by rapid progressive aging in children, in their initial two years.

Children with the disorder generally appear normal at birth but begin to show signs such as loss of hair and slow growth after a short period.

Some of the signs of the disorder include Slow growth rate, below average height and weight, thinning, wrinkling skin.

Children also exhibit symptoms such as a head that is disproportionately large for the face, and narrowed jaws, high pitched voice, visible veins among others.

Progeria is commonly caused by a gene mutation known as Lamin, which when it has a defect an abnormal protein called progerin is produced making the cells unstable.

The average life expectancy for a person suffering from progeria is 13 years, although some may live beyond 20 years.

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