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" In My Book," Prof Hamo Dark Secrets Exposed By Baby Mama

"In My Book," Prof Hamo Dark Secrets Exposed By Baby Mama

They said that a healthy relationship is the one with fights, break ups and quarreling. Do you agree on that? On my opinion I disagree, why fight if you love each other? And what is more disgusting is you go to fight online in public where everyone can see to know your dark sides.

Churchill show's comedians Prof Hamo and baby mama Jemutai has been fighting online of late. This started after struggling Jemutai went online criticizing her baby daddy prof hamo for being a deadbeat father.

Prof Hamo responded on the same denying him being a deadbeat dad only Jemutai to hit back with his other dark secrets. Jemutai said that prof hamo had stopped paying her rent since last year October.

She also narrated that Prof Hamo has failed as a father to Jeremy and Kaylee as he doesn't take care of their needs. Also she said that prof hamo doesn't come home and if he comes he is always drunk and even without milk, all that he brought home was chaos. She also said that he had only appeared to her house 4 times.

Adding to that, she said he comes home at 2 am when his children are a sleep so he doesn't get the opportunity to interact with his kids. The last time prof hamo saw his children was on October 2020.

Jemutai continued saying that she has the recording of Hamo apologizing to Abner the day he was violent. She told her baby daddy just to accept he has failed as a father and he is not ready instead of spreading lies.

Can you do that to your partner and children?

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