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Adorable Female Artists With The Hot Dancing Skills In Africa


The fast rising Bongo artist from Tanzania is known for great banger such as 'Sukari' and 'Nyumba ndogo'.In both,she has showed exceptional dancing skills together with her dancers.Her flexible waist and agility has seen many fall for her videos which makes her songs have millions of views.

2.Yemi AladeShe is a Nigerian award winning artist loved for her melodious voice and skills in creating touching songs.The beauty queen is not only talented in composing songs but also performing great dance moves.Videos of songs such as Bum bum are a true show of her ability to move her body skillfully.

3.AkotheeThe self proclaimed president of single mothers is known for her controversial cladding styles which many consider as immoral.This is not the only controversy about Akothee,she is known for her suggestive dancing styles she always show cases in her social media videos as well as in her songs.

4.NandyThe African princess is a guru when it comes to the field of dancing.This she has showcased via her songs such as 'Nimekuzoeaa' and 'Leo Leo' featuring Koffi Olamide.

5.Sho MadjoziThis paragon of beauty hails from South Africa ranking among the top female artists in the continent.Apart from her great lyrical songs and unique dressing styles,the artist is graced with attractive dancing skills.Most of her moves are the ones she invents them by herself she occasionally potrays them in a free style way.


The veteran artist from Kenya has recently showed that she can skillfully move her body.This is through the song 'Back it up' which she has featured her long term husband Nameless.Who do you think is the best dancer among these beautiful musicians? Kindly drop in your comments as you like share and follow this channel for more exclusive articles.Do not forget to get vaccinated and follow the covid 19 protocols in bid to fight off the pandemic.

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