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Hata Kama We Ni Tajiri Hii Nayo Hapana, Dr Kingori Told After He Was Spotted Doing This

Dr Kingori has set the internet on fire for the another time. This is after he was spotted swimming while wearing a suit, something that Kenyans can't keep calm from it on different social media platforms.

According to the post that Kingori shared trough his Instagram account, Kingori was busy swimming at unknown swimming pool without a swimming costume.

Now this photo of Kingori swimming while wearing a suit it's currently rotating on different social media platforms, and it's sparking a lot of reactions currently.

Many are out to tell Kingori that he is playing around with his suit while, others are asking him some funny questions at the same time! Anyway what do you think also about this photo of Kingori swimming while wearing his suit that has gone vilar on different social media platforms!?

Make me know trough the comments section below. Share your thoughts as you share this news to your friends! Below are some reactions from netizens concerning the photo:

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Hata Kama Kenyans Kingori


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