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Te Doy La Vida: Elena Finds Out the Truth About Irene and Ernesto as Gina Begins Labor


Gabriela walked away from the doorway and into her office before Irene could have seen her. She closed the door and said to herself “She's a traitor.” She then began crying.

Nelson tried to talk to his crew out of their resignations by reminding them they had clients waiting. They explained that this was an issue of trust. All walked out except for Augustine. Nelson said they needed to have a meeting with Rosa so they could reorganize.

Elena arrived at her office to find Ernesto waiting for her, saying that he had tried to call her but she hadn't answered her phone. He told him she had been supervising an event and couldn't answer; he said he wanted to know where she was, nothing else. She asked why and he went on as usual about resolving their issues . Irene entered without knocking before Elena could reply to that and Ernesto asked her to leave them alone to talk. Irene agreed to and Ernesto closed the door. He then asked Elena whether she was sincere in giving their relationship another chance and she said “Of course, Ernesto” She went on to suggest that they take a family trip. He liked the idea. She looked at her watch and said it was time for her to pick Nico up from school and he said he would come with her.

Irene sat opposite Gabi and started talking about “I thought they were getting divorced” and us flies on the wall saw that Gabi was waiting for Irene to trip over her words. Elena came in to tell them they were going to pick Nico up from school. Gabi asked whether she was coming back to the office and explained she needed to talk to her about an event. Elena said she'd come back so they could talk. Gabi looked at Ernesto for a second before he and Elena left. Once they were out the door Irene expressed irritation at their appearance of a happy couple. Gabi said they were reconciling. Irene said that Elena didn't love Ernesto while he was obsessed with Elena. Gabi accused Irene of being obsessed with the idea of them being separated. Irene got angry, told Gabriela she was unbearable, and left her office. Gabi exhaled. Her face said she knew she had been right.

Pedro was job-hunting online when Ester came home. They talked about how things had gone when he resigned from Nelson's shop and the challenge of finding a new job.

Rosa and Augustine went into Nelson's office to show the calendar of deadlines. She went back to her desk and Nelson had Augustine close the door. He told Augustine he was grateful that he was staying with the taller and apologized for not having told him that the baby was his. He was also deeply ashamed at how Gina had turned out as a person. Augustine was very understanding, saying “You were just protecting your daughter.” Nelson told him he would be an excellent father. “Yes, if Gina lets me.,” he said. Nelson said “Oh, she will. I will see to that.”

As soon as Augustine left Nelson's office and Andrea called him to arrange to see him that evening.

Benito and Luciano talked about starting their own shop and why don't they talk to Pedro about it? At dinner that evening Elena brought up the possibility of a family vacation. Nico was excited, wanting to go to the beach.

Pedro called Alejandro Severino about a job. They made an appointment for the next day. As soon as he was off the phone Benito and Luciano arrived to tell them they had resigned, etc.

Inès went into Eduardo's office to tell him that Sister Bernardina was concerned that since Doña Isabel was becoming more lucid that Madre Refugio would call Ernesto. This would blow their investigation if it happened. She tried to leave, but Eduardo stopped her long enough to tell her that if this was a concern he would deal with Madre Refugio. She left quickly, leaving him frustrated at losing the chance to talk to her about the two of them.

Luciano, Benito, and Pedro talked about how they would finance their shop. Benito had inherited a property they could use, etc. They looked optimistic.

Elena went back to Gabriela's office and sat down as Gabi locked the door. She then told Elena what she had discovered and how. Also the details of Irene's behavior and statements. Elena had difficulty believing this. Gabi said that this was unforgivable.

Eduardo went to see Madre Refugio. He told her everything, including that they were awaiting the results of a DNA test they had to do behind her back because she would not have permitted it. He apologized for having done it this way, but they had no choice. Madre Refugio then apologized to him for her intransigence. She said she would cooperate, expressing concern that the faux Ernesto might find out. Eduardo assured her that every precaution had been taken. He further explained that the goal was to have Doña Isabel regain her mental faculties and her fortune. Madre Refugio looked satisfied.

Irene came back to the office and told Elena she was going to the bakery to check on the wedding cake they had ordered for a client. She asked about Gabriela, but Elena pretended to be distracted.

Inès was reading her latest mystery and thinking of Eduardo when Madre Refugio called her. She told her about Eduardo's visit and apologized to her for her actions, telling her that she had in fact discovered something very serious. She was going to cooperate with the police and further “If you wish to return to the religious life, you will be welcome.” Inès was surprised and Madre Refugio said she could come to see her about this. She ended the call just as Eduardo arrived.

Before Eduardo could speak of their future as a couple she told him about the call... and The Call. She wanted to return to the religious life. He was clearly disappointed and hoped to convince her that she needed to be in the world. He ended up kicking himself – figuratively – when she picked up her book and her phone and left the room. When his grandfather came home he told him he needed to give her the space to think about this.

Nelson brought Gina a sandwich and told her he was going out for the evening. She asked why and he said he had a date. She didn't become her usual petulant self this time, but asked him to do her a favor. She asked him to fire Rosa because had it not been for her Augustine would not have found out that he was the father of her baby. He kept his cool, telling her that Rosa and Augustine were his only employees because all the others resigned. First Pedro, then all the other guys, all because of the domino effect of her lies. He was never going to fire Rosa or Augustine. Gina asked whether it bothered him that Pedro was out of her life and he told her that was her problem, not his. Further, that since Augustine is the father of her baby he had rights and that he supported that. Gina ranted again that she hated and could not tolerate him if he were the last man on earth. Nelson told her she should have thought of that prior to hooking up with him. He then left, leaving Gina speechless with her mouth hanging open like a fish that had just been caught.

Elena went home to find Nico sitting on Ernesto's lap while watching videos of Cancún. She said something about looking forward to this. Ernesto's phone signalled a message from Irene. He was to go to see her “and you had better comply because you know what I am capable of.” it said. He put his phone back in his pocket and got up. He said he had a problem at the office and had to leave. Elena said nothing, but knew instinctively what this was about.

Eduardo and Inès talked. He apologized and she told him not to worry. She was firm in her decision to return to her order. It looked like this loss was going to bother him for a while.

Elena helped Nico put on his pjs and put him to bed. She asked him how things had gone while she was away from the house. I will cut to the chase here: He said he saw Tia Irene and his father kiss. Not a kiss between friends. He looked quite serious. She asked to read him a story and that made him happy again.

“We can't keep meeting like this.” Ernesto told Irene she must not contact him when he was home with Elena and Nico. She sarcastically asked whether he was afraid of scandal. She reminded him that she had some damning evidence she could use against him. He asked whether they could stop arguing. She started to smile until he said he would be taking a family vacation. She was incredulous and he said it was a good idea because he wanted to recover the family that he loved. She shoved him back, calling him a desgrace and accusing him of using her. He told her she had a place nobody could take from her: His lover and accomplice. She asked why he needed Elena and he evaded the question with a seductive look and a come-on. The fool fell for it.

Eduardo called Elena to tell her he had spoken with Madre Refugio and the result of that meeting. She was now a cooperative force rather than an obstacle. She thought for a moment, then called Trini who told her the truth about her departure. Trini apologized for not having told her the truth but it was because Ernesto had threatened to have her arrested if she had. Elena was alarmed at this.

Nelson met Andrea in a restaurant. They talked about Gina. She explained that when she learned that Gina was Pedro's wife she told Elena. Nelson explained that Gina lost it because she thought that Domingo's heart attack was the result of overhearing their argument about the baby's paternity. The worst of it was that although she was paying the consequences of her actions she was still the same capricious, selfish brat as ever. He was also paying dearly for this, as he had lost his closest friends. He felt more alone than ever. She said they could continue seeing each other. He said he wasn't going to be good company. She said he could take a break and call her when he felt better. [Hmmmmm]

The following morning when Ernesto came down to breakfast Elena kept her cool pretty well when trying to talk as though nothing was wrong. She had been waiting up for him because they had been in he middle of planning a trip when he left the night before. He apologized for that. He also apologized to Nico about this. He then said they should eat breakfast or they would all be late.

Gina came down the stairs, saying she was going to work. Nelson reminded her that the doctor told her to rest. She said she felt fine and she was bored staying in bed. He wanted to drive her but she insisted on taking a cab, saying she would be fine.

Benito, Luciano, and Pedro went to Benito's property to find squatters living there.. The man was a particularly nasty brute with a baseball bat. They claimed to have been living there for more than five years. He looked eager to use that bat, so Pedro steered Benito out of harm's way. He asked when he had last been there and [I think] Benito said that he hadn't. He had a legal problem.

Elena told Gabriela she had been right. She told her that Ernesto had gotten home in the wee hours of the morning and that she had spoken with Trini who had also witnessed them kissing. Gabi was now thoroughly disgusted with their older sister. She asked Elena if she was going to confront her and Elena told her she was not because that would put the investigation at risk. She swore her to secrecy and told her about Eduardo's investigation and the possible identity theft. Gabi asked her whether she was afraid to live with him. Elena said she was but as long as she didn't have proof the law still recognized him as her husband. The trip she was planning to Cancún was a cover-up so she and Nico could escape to the US while the law resolved the situation. Gabi said “You know you can count on me.”

Inès visited Sister Bernardina who was shocked she was there. She was even more shocked at Inès' decision. Inès told her that she didn't feel capable of having that kind of relationship. Sister Bernardina didn't quite believe this and suggested that she take more time to think about it.

Nelson talked work and clients with Rosa, then when Augustine came in told him that Gina had gone to work. Both were concerned that she was putting the baby at risk.

Eduardo asked his partner how he got his wife to accept his proposal. He said he just asked and she said Yes. Eduardo's phone rang. It was Sister Bernardina who told him that Inès had been there and that she was “very confused. Maybe you can help her? I don't want to see her make the mistake of returning to the convent.” When he ended the call he said this was “divine help.”

Gina walked into her office to find a lot of boxes and a colleague told her that there was some renovation being done and they had to move some stuff in temporarily. Despite his offer of help she tried to lift a box, had pain, and looked down to see that her water had broken. She asked him to call an ambulance.

Benito got off the phone with a lawyer who told him it would take time for him to recover his property. In the meantime Benito thought it best to find a better location. Pedro suggested that they go back to work for Nelson. He could not because his situation was different.

Augustine went to Gina's office and didn't see her. The man who called the ambulance told him what happened. He headed out.

Someone from the hospital called Pedro, telling him that Gina was there and would be giving birth any minute.

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