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Secrets Joy Muthengi Kept While Working With Her Brother David Muthengi in Citizen Tv

A Collage photo of Joy Muthengi with Mariga(photo :Courtesy of Google)

Scenarials involving Siblings working in the same place is not easy to find especially during the 21st Century and the Current generation. However, Joy Muthengi once worked with her Brother David Muthengi (Holy Dave) in Citizen Tv.

Speaking through her Instagram page in a Show She launched called "We need to talk" mid last year, Joy Claimed that working with her biological Brother in the same media house is Awkward. Holy Dave was also present and also narrated his part in the topic. They were however put in different tasks in the Media house.

"We both worked in Citizen Tv at the same time I was encouraging ratchetness on Friday and He would be praising God on Sundays." Joy Claimed.

Joy Muthengi with her Brother David Muthengi (photo :Courtesy of Google)

David chipped in and added that they had different roles in the Media House hosting biggest entertainment Shows in Kenya but they never bumped into each other while at work since they worked on different tasks.

" We were doing two of the bigger entertainment shows in Kenya. Joy was on one extreme while I was in the other extreme. It was weird but we never bumped into each other at work." David Muthengi added.

The two went on to give accounts about their lives since childhood. They majored on the experiences involved during their upbringing and full descriptions of their family and the achievements made by the other family members in general.

Joy Muthengi (photo :Courtesy of Google)

"As a child, I was the naughty type, always breaking the rules in the Family and I was always getting Joy to do the same." Said Holy Dave in a statement.

However, Joy who later left Citizen Tv for Capital Fm disclosed that She is the least educated in the Family with a Bachelors Degree while other members had more appealing papers.

" We have a couple of PhDs in our Family and a bunch of Masters. I am the least educated with a Bachelor's Degree." Joy said.

Holy Dave went on to give a full explanation about the Whole family profile stating that they also have three other Siblings who have excelled in terms of Academics.

"My Dad is a Professor, my Mom has Masters my elder Sister and our first born Eunice has a PhD in Public health. My brother Mumo had a Harvard NBA my other Sister Grace has an NBA as well then Joy who has a Degree in Business communication."David Muthengi said.

They also went on to engage in Charity work where they formed the Muthengi foundation as a simple way to give to the needy in the Society who may not have stable ways to get their daily needs.

" We raise support for education related needs. We raise money for different needs as long as it touches in education." Holy Dave stated concerning their foundation.

The two have however made progress in life With Joy joining the Betin Company while Holy Dave going in Music as a gospel music artist in Kenya.

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