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King Kalala: Cheating Is My weakness

Prudence Chepkirui alias King Kalala is both a digital content creator (vlogger) and a radio host at NRG radio. She is known for her vocal and opinionated character, which she does in a comic manner. Her deep outstanding voice has been her selling point since she surfaced online.

She was recently hosted on Shoe Game with Azziad. Azziad Nasenya is also a young lass whose fame came as a tiktok dancer and is an actress and vlogger.

On the show, Prudence revealed that she takes pride in her official name and thanks her mum for not giving her a name like Faith or Mercy. She also explained her name King came from the motivation she got from Kylie Jenner (King Kylie) of the Kardashians family who are marketing moguls, while Kalala came from her sleeping habits in highschool because she was always clashing with teachers leaving her stressed all through. So she needed sleep.Answering the question on her relationship status, the gorgeous host did what she does best, made fun of it, "kudate ni mat za wapi? Ju si za kwetu." She further stated that her reason for being off dating is because of her cheating nature. " The way people struggle with alcoholism, I struggle with cheating. " However, she said that she hopes that she'll learn the art of faithfulness and settle with her significant other.

Kalala's goal is to see that pads are given freely rather than sold. "Everyone comes from a woman so why sell pads? Sex is optional yet condoms are given for free but pads are sold at a dollar (KES 100). Let's not love money and forget humanity." Said Kalala on the interview.

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