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Tiwa Savage Video: How Celebrities Reacted to the Musician's Alleged Sęx Tape

The talk of the s*x video of popular singer Tiwa Savage has become the number one trend in Nigerian social media space.

Hundreds of thousands of people are searching the video online. The singer and songwriter earlier revealed that someone tried to blackmail her with her short s*x clip.

She shared this story on one radio show - The Angie Martinez show. "I will not call it a s*xtape, but it is a video of me with the person who I date right now", she said.

Tiwa says they shared the video of her which shows her with the man who she is currently dating. She says the person who got the video wants to blackmail her and he is asking for money. Reports say the alleged video later surfaced on social media which made many of her fans talk. Nigerian celebrities are also talking about the video.

Popular media personality, Daddy Freeze says this is an opportunity for fans to show her love.

Photo: Daddy Freeze is a controversial radio presenter

"What she did is what everybody does, the difference is that she carried a camera with her." He says this 's*x video' will objectify women and this will not do women any good. He says this is the time for other women to stand with each other and stop laughing about it.

"This is your role model, your fave or whatever you call her, she is in need right now. She does not need your money or any other thing, she needs your love."

Nollywood actress, Susan Peters also talked about it.

On her Instagram page, Susan Peters asked why a person would take a video of the woman alone and not put his face?

"Why you do you even do the video in the first place?", she asked. Anything you sow, you will reap...our empathy has gone off the roof, she added.

Former reality TV star, Angel Smith also commented to criticise the person who decided to leak the s*x tape.

"The problem is not the fact that a person made a s*x tape or that a person took a picture naked. The problem will always lie with the person who decides to leak it." she said.

What Tiwa Savage talked about the video?

In a post which she put on social media, Tiwa said "You hate how I am able to control the narrative and get ahead of one story before it consumes me and how I am able to joke on stage about something you have been thinking it is supposed destroy me and make me feel ashamed. You must knock my head wwhen you see me ootherwise,.." she posted.

The Nigerian Afropop queen also talked on stage during one show in Lagos and said, "nobody will ever see the s*x tape".

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