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"I am real sorry kids," said Professor Hamo.

Comedian and radio personality Professor Hamo on Tuesday took to social media to apologize to his children for weeks after his ongoing affair with fellow comedian Jemutai.

Hamo, who has been accused of neglecting his children, also apologized to his wife and thanked her for keeping him despite his mistakes. He admitted that he would face things differently but said he had learned a lot in recent weeks.

“An apology is made when a person is aware of his or her mistakes. I had to go back to the family and do well with them otherwise all this would have been a factor.

“I would like to thank my supervisor who has become a mentor, Mr. Daniel Ndambuki ‘Churchill’ and Life coach Robert Burale for incorporating valuable information and insights into us as we drink tea from a cup full of milk ..!

“We are very grateful to Jemutai for allowing us to sit down and have a peaceful discussion on how to raise our children. Special thanks to Zippy for keeping me in spite of my mistakes,” he wrote.

The former HOT 96 broadcaster apologized to his children and promised to be there for them. He also conveyed his apology to his former employer, Royal Media Services, for dragging their name on his issue.

“For my children, life is not easy, dad is very sorry and hopes that one day when you are old enough to understand you will forgive me. I love you all & I will always be here for you.

"The family of RMS pollen by dragging in all this knows we were here three weeks ago," he wrote. The comedian concluded by apologizing to his fans: “I'm so sorry to disappoint you.

"I'm not there yet but I'm working on being a trustworthy person, father, and husband."

This ends weeks of endless play, one almost out of force. Since DNA results confirm that Hamo and Jemutai gave birth to two children, it is now up to them to find the best way. Also read: Hamo's voice to encourage those facing difficult times.

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