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'Did she just cut her hair' Let's find out what happened with Young Ezee's hair

Young Ezee has always had troubles with people making her hair, so this has always pissed her off to a point she wanted to cut her hair. In a video she shared recently on youtube she was all over mad and furious and was really in for cutting off her hair,throughout the video we could see her girlfriend,Natalie persuading her not to cut it off.

It was actually Natalie's idea that she should ask her fans if they want her to cut it off,so she shared a picture and captioned it ' if this picture gets 20,000 likes am cutting my hair' and the post got more than 40,000 likes and she has to meet her end of the deal.

This is where she fooled everybody that she cut off her hair, she wore a short wig that clearly indicated that her hair was cut and tied a bandana around it so you could have the impression that her hair was cut and started asking her family members and friends how she looked with her hair short.

She later reveal that it was all a prank and that she loves her hair so much that she cannot cut it.

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