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'Trailer Safi' Another Kenya Movie coming Soon, Man ToThe Rescue.

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The Kenya Entatainment industry has been improving daily as actors are emerging from different places with knew ideas. New actors come up with ideas that attract more people to watch their movies. The recent Maria soap on Citizen Television which is watched by more than half of the Kenyan population, this has proven to more actors that everything is possible and there is need to come up with good ideas.

Trailer of the coming soon movie Man to the Rescue has reveals that the movie will be about solders rescuing someone, let most of us be ready for the movie subscribe and watch through YouTube to encourage those actors to come up with more new ideas. Kenyan Entatainment industry need support from all of us, we should be informed that those actors need to get money from those movies which they release in order to sustain themselves.

Kenya Movies such as the Maria has attracted most people even those outside Kenya, this shows that improvement has been necessitated in all capacities. Movies help people to cope with their daily life it reveals what happens in our modern society.

Below are reactions from Kenyans after watching the Man to The Rescue trailer.

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